Searching Public Record

As a title insurance company, we keep our records posted to each individual property.  As a result, when we search property we look under the legal description. 

If you want to research records through the County records, you would do this by searching the Grantor/Grantee records at the county recorder's office or online.  First, run the current property owner's name and go backwards in time.  Once you locate the deed to the current owner, you would then run their seller's name back to their purchase.  You would continue this until you get to the deed out of the State of Washington

Note:   If you are searching on the county website: (, the online records only go back to the mid 1970s. 

Because property records can be searched using the Grantor/Grantee index it is important to show names on documents according to the way that party acquired title.  If a person changes their name during the time of ownership or if there was an error in the spelling, then any new documents should reflect both their correct name as well as the name used when they acquired title. 

Example:  Mary E. Smith, who acquired title as Mary E. Jones, an unmarried person